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  1. This video is the most interesting video I have watched on LMS so far because of its simplicity, humour and the liveliness of the presenter. The video kept me very attentive throughout the session, without switching off at any point in the time.

  2. I listened to “A Day In The Life of a Business Analyst” – not quite ready to call it a day so thought I’d watch video.

    The presenter made this video very interesting, very detailed, encouraging, and fun even though her message was serious.

    Great tips to follow when I looking for my new role. Adeshola will definitely be a great person to speak to regarding my c.v. and practise skills for an interview.
    Video recommended!

  3. I listened to ‘ A day in the life of a Business Analyst’ whilst there was a gap in my day. The presentation showed me how one must be fully immersed in a BA mindset to be the best BA. I got clarification about the tools of a BA, good tips were given about how to get some practice with some of the tools.
    A good use of 48 minutes!

  4. I just listened to a day in the life of a Business Analyst . I love the simplicity and humour in her delivery. I also learnt the key of getting your hands dirty , listening to mentors and draining Ademola ?.

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